Vessco Attains New Fit 4 Nuclear Accreditation

Posted by Julian Vance-Daniel on Jan 24, 2019 10:00:00 AM


Health and safety are essential for any pressurised vessel or pressure system, but in no sector is this more critical than nuclear power generation. Pressure vessels, drums and storage tanks in nuclear facilities operate in the most hostile environment on the planet. The consequences of component failure in such circumstances are catastrophic, so an especially robust, precautionary approach must be taken to design and manufacture when building nuclear applications.

To this end we have been working on additional training, inclusivity in the company strategic focus for all employees and infrastructure over the past year to equip our team to take on demanding projects within the nuclear power industry. Our capabilities include advanced mechanical engineering and control systems – as well as specialist requirements such as decommissioning and relocations.

Fit 4 Nuclear

We are delighted to have recently been awarded the Nuclear AMRC’s Fit 4 Nuclear (F4N) accreditation as a sign of our competence and attainment in this field. We join a group of nearly 160 F4N accredited suppliers in the UK who support the nuclear power industry throughout the supply chain.

The F4N scheme was established by Nuclear AMRC to help primarily Tier One & Two Contractors to identify potential suppliers with the skills, experience and capability to undertake work in the nuclear sector. Vessco have worked with the Nuclear AMRC Fit 4 Nuclear team for several years and are proud to be of service to the sector in new and innovative ways.

Hinckley Point Power Plant

Among our recent projects are a series of pressure vessels being manufactured for the Hinckley Point C power plant, which will be one of the largest nuclear power stations in the world when completed. Two completed fabrications were delivered before Christmas 2018, with several more to follow over the course of 2019 to 2025.

Contact Us

More information about our work in the power generation industry can be found on our website. To discuss a project or request technical details, please email, or phone us directly on 01656 750262.

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